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Welcome to Our Pregnancy Crisis Centre in Bloemfontein

Confused and Disappointed?

Our Pregnancy Crisis Centre provides compassionate support, practical resources, and counseling services to individuals facing unexpected or difficult pregnancies.

Supporting Women

to make a well informed decision.

Pre-and Postnatal Care

Offering emotional support and resources for new mothers.


Listening and supporting in a non-judgmental and non-directive way

Pregnancy testing

Offering free pregnancy testing services.

Spiritual support

Providing spiritual guidance and support to those who desire it.

Material assistance

Offering essential baby supplies like diapers, formula, and clothes.

Birth preparation

Offering education and resources to prepare for labor and delivery.

Transportation assistance

Helping with transportation needs related to medical appointments and other services.

Adoption services

Offering information and support for those considering adoption and foster care.

Breastfeeding support

Providing information and support for breastfeeding mothers.

Ultrasound services

Offering free limited ultrasound scans to determine the stage of pregnancy and its viability, providing essential medical information to our clients.

Our Mothers Home

Schoolgirls, students or any woman who are facing accommodation or financial challenges during their pregnancies can find refuge with us, where we provide a safe, loving and supportive environment.

Legacy Dad Workshop

Aims to equip dads with pre-schoolers to be intentionally involved by helping their children thrive using talking and playing techniques and to impact others through thinking and listening skills.

Compassionate Support for Unexpected Pregnancies

Professional Collaborations

Through our partnerships with local doctors, midwives, local clinics and social workers, we ensure access to more ultrasound scans, valuable medical opinions and the ability to assist and facilitate adoption or foster care options.

Trauma Counseling

Our Centre also provides guidance and a supportive environment through more professional counseling by a registered Pastoral Counselor, support for woman dealing with pregnancy-related trauma like miscarriages and the loss of a baby. We also offer a Post Abortion Recovery Program for women and men to assist with and facilitate emotional and spiritual restoration.

Counseling services

Our trained volunteers offer compassionate support to individuals facing unexpected or difficult pregnancies, ensuring access to non-judgemental and non-directive information regarding their options.

Pregnancy Crisis Centre