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Pregnancy Crisis Centre of Hope (PCC) was established as a non-profit organization providing information and counselling to pregnant ladies and couples. Currently, PCC serves about 25 ladies per month by providing pre and post abortion counselling. Sexual Education are provided to Schools for pupils ages 11 -19.

Abortion statics shows 21.6 Million unsafe abortions in 2008 worldwide. In direct response to the growing number, PCC aims to equip pregnant woman and couples to make an informed decision. An unplanned pregnancy leave woman in a desperate situation whereby there are sometimes little or no support from the father of the baby. Because most of the women are still in school or studying, future prospects looks demoralizing to them.

Making a impact

During 2018, 160 girls were counselled and +/- 50% of the babies were saved. We handed out 88 starter packs for the babies which consist of same nappies, cleaning products, a blanket and some clothes. The centre also helps girls who have post abortion syndrome with a healing course which they can attend. Post abortion counselling is also offered to those in need.

The need for a house was identified where we could temporary house pregnant women and their babies after birth. As a high percentage of the pregnant women are students, we can offer them temporary accommodation whilst studying and also daycare after birth. Through this we can assist women and give them, and their children hope and a future. In March 2015 we opened our house for mothers in crisis, with the counselling centre situated next door. Since then we have housed over 40 girls.

All girls are supported with pre and postnatal care. Girls are reunited with their families and if adoption or foster care is considered the girls are referred to relevant institutions. We partner with doctors to do sonar’s, Estherea Women’s Wellness Clinic for prenatal classes and sonar’s, House Elpizo for foster care, ENGO for adoptions and Department of Social Development for assistance with social workers and issues.

The centre also take part in awareness programs in school, at UFS and CUT where information is shared about pregnancies and abstaining. The centre will be operated as a sub division of Anchor of Hope Ministries. In this the centre qualifies as an NGO under the NGO number of Anchor of Hope and also has tax benefits for all donors as Anchor of Hope is also Article 18(A) registered.